6 Ways to Stay Healthy for Desk Job Workers

A sedentary lifestyle is proven to be harmful to our health and bodies and for those of you stuck behind a computer or sitting down at a desk job all day it can be hazardous in many ways. One of the problems is the amount of time spent sitting without breaks or movement. So how can you improve your health while still maintaining this job position? Here are 6 things you can add to your daily routine!

1. Start your day with a healthy breakfast. 

Breakfast is essential to getting you moving and kicking off your day in healthy way. Your concentration and focus will be much higher if your stomach is full. Eating a healthy, balanced meal in the morning also will jump start your metabolism. If you don’t eat a morning meal you may overeat or eat unhealthy throughout the day.

2. Water is essential

Staying hydrated is so key in feeling your best. Keep a tumbler cup with a straw or a water bottle at your desk and sip it throughout the day. Getting up to refill your glass is a great opportunity for a stretch as well. 

3. Stretch often.

Don’t be afraid to get up and move! You can even do a mini-workout at your desk. Stretch your arms, neck, and fingers to avoid stiffness and your limbs falling asleep from lack of movement! Get up and walk around your office, stop by co-workers desks to say hello or step outside for a little fresh air. Moving around will not only refresh you but it will taking micro-breaks multiple times throughout the day are proven to benefit your health. 

4. Fix your desk setup. 

Poor posture at your office desk can lead to neck and back pain, eye strain, spine misalignment and so much more! The proper setup will have your chair at a height in which your feet can remain flat on the ground and your computer at eye level. You should not have to bend or strain to read your monitor. 

5. Walk when possible

If you have the opportunity to walk during the day- take it! If you are heading to lunch nearby walk to the cafe instead of driving. If you have stairs in your office choose to walk instead of riding the elevator. If you park nearby, park a few blocks further away and walk the rest of the way to your office. If your home is close to work choose to walk or bike instead of driving or taking public transportation. If you take the bus, get off a stop earlier and walk the rest of the way home. These are all great ways to add a little more physical activity into your day when you may not be walking and moving around as often as you would like.

6. Pack your own lunch

Although it may be tempting to join coworkers for a meal out, bringing your own meal from home will be much more nutritious and healthier. (And money-saving!). Pack your own healthy snacks for munching on throughout the day as well to keep up your energy. A few favorite snacks include fruit, nuts, carrot sticks, and hummus and veggies.

Although you have a desk job where you are sitting for most of the day there are many ways to remain active and follow a healthy way of living. These are just a few tips but if you exercise, eat well and get enough sleep these factors can all help you maintain a healthy body and mind.

Do you have a desk job? Share with us: what are your favorite ways to stay active throughout the work day?

Local Chiropractor Helps Take A Backbreaking Load Off Students And Families

Pearson Chiropractor to host open house with free backpack safety checks and school supply drive raffle

KENT – Dr. Jay S. Pearson, owner of Pearson Chiropractic, continues his clinic’s support of the local school system. From mid-August through mid-September, Dr. Pearson is helping students get back to school in two valuable ways. First, he’s offering FREE safety checks for students who carry backpacks and second, he’s providing school supplies to children in need. People can stop by anytime between now and September 16, but on Wednesday, September 14th, Pearson Chiropractic will be hosting a special open house at 7:00pm for parents and students to receive a safety check and tip sheet for backpack usage. The evening will also include a raffle drawing for a new backpack PROPERLY filled with various school supplies.

Sometimes going back to school can literally be ‘backbreaking’ work. More and more students cram everything they might need during the school day – books, clothes, lunch, and more – into backpacks they then haul around all day. Unfortunately, research has shown when these helpful packs are overstuffed and oversized they can damage children’s health and even lead to emergency room visits. That’s why Dr. Pearson is offering the safety checks, to make sure kids have the right size backpack, and that both parents and students understand how to properly load and carry them.

Dr. Pearson also realizes that some students can’t afford the items they need to fill up their packs. So, through September 16th, Pearson Chiropractic is offering all new patients a case history exam and x-rays (if needed) for the cost of just $15.00 in new school supplies. The gathered goodies of pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, glue, and more will be donated to Kent Elementary School.

“I own a local business and feel a strong obligation and desire to support my community,”

explains Dr. Jay S. Pearson on why he started this program. In fact, Dr. Pearson also volunteers to give Kentwood student athletes their required physicals in order to play school sanctioned sports. Is this above and beyond service? “Not in my opinion,” shares Pearson. “What I’m doing is only the tip of the iceberg in how I want to support the Kent community.” Dr. Pearson is also available to schools for on-site backpack checks or Health Day presentations, just contact the clinic for booking information. For more details about the FREE Backpack Safety Checks or the School Supply Drive for Kent Elementary, both running through Friday September 16, or the September 14th Open House, contact Pearson Chiropractic at 253-638-2424 or visit their website at www.pearsonchiropractic.com.

Dr. Pearson properly fitting child’s backpack


Kent Chiropractic Physician Treats Olympic Team

From The Voice of Business, February 2004 issue a newsletter of The Kent Chamber of Commerce, Kent Washington.

Local Physician Chosen for Olympic Training Team

Dr. Jay Pearson, a Kent Chiropractic Physician, was recently named an attending/treating physician to The Greatest Athletes in the World Decathlon club. Athletes in the prestigious club are in the Olympic Decathlon in Athens, Greece in August 2004.

Pearson, a graduate of Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, was chosen because of his experience and expertise in providing chiropractic care to athletes. Pearson is one of only 25 Chiropractic physicians in the United States who will be treating the decathlon hopefuls throughout their training and competition.

As part of his role with the club, Dr. Pearson will have the opportunity to attend to athletes at major competitions throughout the United State and Europe, including Italy and Austria in May and Germany in August. He will also have the opportunity to go to the USA Olympic Qualifying Trials in Sacramento, CA where the Olympic Team will be selected. Having just learned about his selection Dr. Pearson has not yet made any decisions about which events he will be able to attend, although he would like to do them all. “I’m honored and flattered to be selected for the club,” says Pearson. “My goal is to do whatever I can to help our team go to Athens and win the Gold. Certainly, I hope to be on the track when we do!”