Patient Testimonials

Musician with Poor Posture

steveandjayIn college I spent six hours a day at the piano practicing Beethoven sonatas. As a school band conductor I stood for hours. Throughout my music career I have developed poor posture habits.

Dr. Pearson’s chiropractic care has helped me to improve my health so that now I can do all the activities I enjoyed in my youth. My wife and I have been going to Dr. Pearson since 2002. I’ve seen over a dozen chiropractors since 1995, but Dr. Pearson is the best.

Steve Bungi, Renton, Washington

Personal Trainer Puts Constant Demands on Her Body

jayandgailSince 1985 I’ve worked as a Group Exercise Instructor, Personal Trainer and trainer for Group Power Instructors. I love the high level of physical activity but it also takes its toll on me. I get weekly adjustments and massages to help my body function at optimal levels and to feel my best.

My husband, kids and I get adjustment regularly. If we are injured or fighting off something the first thing we do is visit Dr. Pearson for an adjustment. My son had his first adjustment at age 2; my daughter came in when she was 1-day old. We’re rarely sick.

I love coming to Dr. Pearson for chiropractic care. As an athlete he understands the physical challenges I experience. He is a lot of fun to talk to and I don’t think we’ve ever left without laughing our heads off about something – “A cheerful heart does good like medicine”. We love Dr. Pearson’s passion for excellent chiropractic care, that he treats patients with the personal touch and that he refers us to different types of doctors for conditions outside his expertise.

Anytime my friends or clients share a physical challenge with me I refer them to Dr. Pearson because I know they will be in good hands.

Gail Cuthbert, Federal Way, Washington

How I Got My Life Back – Recovery from an Auto Accident

After months of physical therapy following a car accident Holly Gilmore was still suffering from constant pain when her doctor recommended Dr. Pearson. She was skeptical about chiropractic care and weary of doctor visits but was willing to give it a try. Read Holly’s story.

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