Massage Therapy

Enjoy Better Health with Massage Therapy

Massage can reduce or end your suffering from stress or pain, including long term pain. Massage increases blood flow which helps your body heal faster and can increase your sense of well-being. Your chiropractor may prescribe massage therapy as part of your wellness treatment plan.

Reduce Your Recovery Time

Combining massage and chiropractic treatments can speed your recovery and make your treatment program more enjoyable. Having your massage therapist and chiropractor in the same office means they can coordinate your treatment program to ensure the best and speediest recovery for you.

Massage Therapist on Staff

Pearson Chiropractic has three experienced, licensed massage therapists (LMP) on staff to make it easy and convenient for you to include massage therapy in your wellness plan.

Increased Insurance Coverage

Many insurance policies now include coverage for massage treatment. Pearson Chiropractic will be happy to submit your massage therapy claims to your insurance company for you.

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