What to Expect On Your First Chiropractic Visit

Comprehensive Exam

On your first visit to Pearson Chiropractic you’ll undergo a comprehensive exam including a health history consultation, orthopedic and neurological exam and x-rays, if needed. Your chiropractor may give you instructions for home treatment of heat, ice, stretching or exercises to provide temporary relief until your follow-up visit and treatment. Allow approximately 30 minutes for your first visit.

Key To Recovery – Understanding the Causes of Your Symptoms

While your symptoms may be clear it’s important for your chiropractor to understand your health history and review the findings from your neurological exam and x-rays in order to create a plan of action for your treatment and recovery. This helps ensure the fastest recovery possible for your condition. You also benefit from receiving a clear picture of your current health.

What if Chiropractic is Not the Answer for You?

Occasionally your chiropractic physician may determine that chiropractic care is not the best treatment for your current condition. In that event, your chiropractor will refer you to a relevant specialist.

At the end of your first visit you’ll schedule your initial chiropractic adjustment, usually the day after your first visit.

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