Dr. Joe Manzanilla

Chiropractor | Federal Way Clinic


Dr. Joe Manzanilla was born and raised in Guam. In 2014 he received his Bachelor of Science in Sports and Exercises Science at Seattle University. While attending Seattle University, he was an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. Initially intending to enter a postgrad Doctor of Physical Therapy program, Dr. Joe shifted his focus to chiropractic. He sustained an injury during a CrossFit competition that rendered him unable to move. Under the care a chiropractor, Dr. Joe regained his movement, and was inspired to change his professional focus to chiropractic.

In 2019, Dr. Joe received his Doctorate from Life Chiropractic College West. While studying there, Dr. Joe served the local East Bay Area community as well as abroad in Fiji. He started out using Upper Cervical Techniques, but has incorporated full body adjustments along with active care that promotes mobility and strengthening. This combination is now his preferred method to facilitate the healing process for his patients.

Outside of serving his community, Dr. Joe enjoys CrossFit or any type of exercise (hiking, basketball, rugby, football). He also has interests in the arts, such as filmmaking, videography, music, and making art.

Dr. Joe believes that the healing process happens within the body of everybody. The body can get lost with all the different stresses of life, and it is his job to facilitate the healing process to find its way back.