Dr. Joe Manzanilla



I was born and raised in Guam but moved to Seattle and received my Bachelor of Science in Sports and Exercises Science at Seattle University in 2014. While attending, I was an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. While trying to get into a DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) Program postgrad, chiropractic found me. I was injured during a CrossFit Competition and was unable to move for a week until I saw a Chiropractor. With adjustments getting me back, I decided to switch gears and went to Life College Chiropractic West to receive my Doctorate’s in 2019. My time in the Doctorate Program at Life West allowed me to serve the local East Bay Area community as well as opportunities to serve abroad in Fiji. I started off my chiropractic career with Upper Cervical Techniques but have found that full body adjusting along with active care (mobility and strengthening) are my preferred way of facilitating the healing process for my patients.

Outside of serving my community, I enjoy doing CrossFit or any type of exercise (hiking, basketball, rugby, football). I also enjoy doing activities outside of chiropractic such as filmmaking, videography, music, and making art.

I fully believe that the healing process happens within the body of everybody. The body can get lost with all the different stresses of life, and my job is to facilitate the healing process to find its way back.