As the name suggests, Pixel Extended ROM is a derivative of Pixel Experience ROM, which you’ll read about later in the article. It aims at solving the lack of customizations in the Pixel Experience ROM and, it does that very well with fewer caveats/compromises in areas like stability. AOSiP (Android Open-Source Illusion Project) is hands down one of my favorite custom ROMs when it comes to delivering a Pixel-like experience and a lot of miscellaneous features. Based on AOSP with Pixel Experience as a base, it delivers a lot of features and, at the same time, keeps the experience simple. It doesn’t provide a lot of customization options but, in the Android community, personalization isn’t everything.

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The goal of this custom ROM’s newest release was to prove to its users that Dirty Unicorns is forward thinking and focused on progress. It gives you 5 choices for your lock screen style, among other options. You’ll have access to an aesthetically pleasing music player, flashlight and calendar. You can choose to display or hide the status and navigation bars. On the Power Menu, you can switch to Airplane Mode, take a screenshot stock Android firmware or reboot.

You can freely use the trading platform anywhere in the world without needing any sort of VPN. For example, I’m Canadian, and while I can’t sign up for from Canada (I get the blank screen), I can trade in real-time using their online platform there. Founded in 2016, is one of the largest investor-centered financial technology (“fintech”) companies in the world.

  • Both will allow you to set up a VPN on your router, but which one is best for your needs will depend on how you plan to use the router.
  • Both will likely be a significant upgrade overall when it comes to VPN support, compared to the stock firmware.
  • However, with the increasing popularity of Google’s Android version and the recent release of the Oneplus phone, it is unclear what the future of custom ROMs will be.

The prevalent reason to use custom ROM is that after 2-3 years of using the android device, the companies drop sending new updates. Liquid Remix – It takes features from other ROM projects and blinds them to create an epic user experience without compromising features. ArrowOS is AOSP based project offering things simple they should be. With added just the right stuff to get through the say while having smooth performance. The Project started offering Android version 12 for some devices. Stock ROM is a basic ROM on which the device boots out of the box.

While some people might think that the idea is crazy, the team behind the project believes that there is no reason why we shouldn’t have access to the latest software updates on our smartphones. One thing that stands out about this ROM is how much customization you can do. You can change almost everything about your device, including the launcher, icons, fonts, wallpapers, etc. But, the best part is that you can customize every aspect of your phone.