Most of our clients do their best to exercise or in other ways live active healthy lives. A common thing we hear some of the most active say is that they were surprised that they got a sports injury so easily. It doesn’t take that much to cause one when you are moving fast. Even the most in shape athletes find sports related injuries a normal part of live. It is how you deal with them when they happen that makes all the difference in the world.

At Pearson Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center we have learned that the sooner a patient gets treatment for their injury, the less serious of an injury it tends to be. This is true for most types of injuries as well (including chiropractic joint care). In the beginning care will be designed to lessen inflammation and reduce the chances of a simple injury turning into something much more serious. From our chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists, our whole body holistic approach will get you back up and active sooner that you might think.

Effective Chiropractic Sports Medicine

In the past most competitive athletes used the services of medical physical therapists or physicians specializing in orthopedic care. While these professionals are certainly experts in the field of surgical repair of musculoskeletal injuries and anatomy, many athletes searched for care that emphasized optimization of performance and the prevention of injury. Because of the foundational training chiropractic physicians get in how structure relates to function, over the years more and more they have began filling this role. The result has been healthier and happier athletes.

The sub-specialty of “sports chiropractic” moved to the forefront of professional sports medicine in 1976. This is when Olympic athletes started working with chiropractors that specialized in sports medical care. Shortly after in 1980, the first official appointment of a sports chiropractor to the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) Division of Sports Medicine was made.

What Is Chiropractic Sports Medicine

Sports chiropractors physicians treat elite high-level athletes. But they can (and also do) treat everyday people (and everyone in between) as well. No matter who what level your at, if you are playing sports, a chiropractor that specializes in sports injury care can be important. We are experts at the rehabilitation of an injury and if desired, helping you achieve better performance.

Many sports injury chiropractors treat common overuse injuries most often. Runners who suffer with knee, foot or hip injuries or pain, benefit greatly from our care. Athletes who play things like tennis, baseball and volleyball who have upper extremity (such as shoulder) pain or injuries love us. Even those who experience concussions, sports traumas, are receive great benefit from sports injury chiropractors.

Chiropractors can diagnose, treat and evaluate just about any type of sports performance issue or sports related injury. Sports injury chiropractors are highly trained to use multiple imaging diagnostic methods such as Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, x-ray, MRI and CT scans to evaluate for injury design effective treatment.

Even though physical therapists are still a main provider of rehabilitative care in after surgeries, sports injury chiropractors are often are requested in the evaluation of preoperative patients prior to orthopedic surgery.