Quality Chiropractic Massage

At Pearson Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center, we strive to insure our clients have the highest quality of chiropractic care and wellness services. As a part of your treatment, the doctor may recommend massage therapy. Our experienced massage therapists provide exceptional massage service our clinics. Whether you are experiencing back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain or any other type of pain, you can get the best massage therapy services possible at Pearson Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center.

Recovery Time Benefits

Massage therapy increases recovery time for clients healing from an injury or illness. This has been proven. The massage therapist and doctor will work in tandem to make sure the patient has the best recovery outcome possible. Plus, massage therapy is enjoyable. Our patients find that it is a wonderful addition to their treatment protocol and that it can provide instant stress relief. With the help of our experienced and highly skilled massage therapists, our patients speed their journey to better health and well-being.

One of the best reasons to get a deep tissue massage is to assist your tendons, muscles and joints move through the proper range of motion. This has great benefits. It helps your body stay in superior working shape. Just like a warm-up before working out, a massage helps ensure that your your joints are warmed up and your muscles remain pliable prior to exercising.

Many injuries are caused when people overuse specific muscles. This may cause pain, inflammation, and soreness. With regular massage therapy services we can help reduce the likelihood your muscles will be overused. This will also reduce inflammation which sometimes can cause an injury.

With trigger point or sports massage therapy, we can reduce the possibility of recurring injuries. This is a really big deal. Massage is the single most beneficial treatment for things such as sprains, stress injuries and strains. Massage can aid in  preventing additional injuries down the road.

Massage Therapy Benefits

Getting blood flow to the affected area is critical when healing. Massage therapy causes this to happen. This aids the body and helps facilitate a natural and complete recovery. This healing modality is therapeutic and can put an end to short and long-term pain. It also serves in reducing stress. After just one massage therapy session as the body becomes more relaxed and restored you start to feel like yourself again.

At Pearson Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center, we have three talented, skilled and experienced licensed massage therapists (LMP). Each are available to provide you with the very best in massage therapy care. Call us or stop by to make an appointment with an experienced massage therapist professional today!