Best Federal Way Chiropractors

Dr Jay Pearson and his outstanding team of chiropractic physicians have one of the best reputations in Washington State. Not only are each of them highly trained, but they have many years of experience treating patients with both chronic conditions and recent injuries. Not only are our doctors darn nice people, but they are also very good at what they do. They really strive to make their customer service second to none! Give us a call at (253) 838-1441 or stop by today at our Federal Way, WA office to set an appointment!

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Where we really stand out above the crowd is in the area of treating sports injuries and automobile accident injuries. This is probably the area where we really have gotten our good reputation. We are really good at what we do. We don’t just bring you in and treat you. We design a treatment plan tailored to your specific injury, history and situation. We care about you and your rehabilitation.

Massage Therapy

Who does not like massage therapy? Most people who try the services of our licensed massage therapists rave about it and tell us that it makes their chiropractic treatments hold better. When combined with treatments by a chiropractor, the benefits of both treatments multiply. Not only is it relaxing but massage therapy increases blood flow, reduces inflammation, removes toxins and aids in healing. Because we have found that combining the two treatments are so beneficial, we now have licensed massage therapists as part of our staff. And our patients who have tried it are raving about it!


Another really beneficial specialty is that of acupuncture. We have also found with it that when it is done with chiropractic, both treatments are more effective and beneficial to the patient. So as we did with massage therapy we have also brought licensed acupuncturists in to work directly from our chiropractic clinic. The feedback that we have gotten from our patients about this service has been very outstanding.

We Service Mirror Lake, WA

We service not only Mirror Lake, WA, a neighborhood in Federal Way Washington, but all of Federal Way Washington and surrounding cities. Because of our superior customer service and great reputation we have clients come from all over the area to be treated at our Federal Way, WA clinic. Of course we are biased. We feel that we are the best at what we do in our area. But that is what many of our clients tell us as well.