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Whole Body Cryotherapy is the newest and most advanced recovery method available. When a participant enters the cryo chamber the temperature in the chamber is lowered to approximately -240 degrees Fahrenheit, the body reacts by sending blood from the skin surface, muscle tissue, and surrounding joint space to the bodies core. While the blood circulates in the bodies core the blood is cleansed of toxins and supplied with oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes. Once the participant exits the cryo chamber, the enriched blood returns to peripheral tissues cleansing that tissue of toxins. As a result, inflammation is kept in check and lactic acid is forced from the muscles, quickening recovery and rejuvenating the skin.


Aid recovery by pumping your muscles full of oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes as your body is subjected to the extreme cold. Help to reduce soreness and inflammation so you can get back to your workout, train harder and achieve your fitness goals.


Burn extra calories and increase your metabolism while chilling out in the chamber. Increase your overall wellness by getting better sleep and taking advantage of the relaxing properties of cryotherapy.


Pump fresh blood to your skins blood vessels after leaving the chamber and let your skin shine. Maintain your existing beauty by tightening your skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

What We Offer

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a treatment for a variety of conditions. This contemporary pain treatment uses localized chilling temperatures to soothe irritated nerves. WBC remains one of the most effective ways to reduce symptoms associated with a variety of chronic conditions.

First utilized in Japan in 1978, this medical therapy significantly treats skin conditions and lesions, improves recovery time for athletes, decreases pain and spasms, and also aids in weight loss.

When the body detects life-threatening conditions, thermal regulation is its natural response which forces it to activate a cascade of survival mechanisms. This reaction is what improves blood circulation, which supplies tissues with adequate nutrients and much-needed oxygen, while also stimulating the body’s ability to eliminate toxins.

Since cryotherapy is an alternative to ice baths or treating local areas of the body with ice packs, it is very popular among athletes and people suffering from muscle and joint pain. The low temperature that the body is exposed to helps with inflammation while reducing pain and soreness.

Local cryotherapy is used as a treatment in sports therapy to treat acute and chronic injuries of soft tissue. Low temperatures stimulate the microcirculation and provide more oxygen to the blood. This highly oxygenated blood serves as a natural analgesic and reduces the tension of the muscles in the area being treated with local cryotherapy. As a result, the muscles in the treated area tend to recover and improve faster, which leads to increased exercise tolerance and the strengthening of both the muscles and the joints, while reducing the risk of injury in the future.