The history of Auburn is a story of cowboys and Indians. The settlers overcame the Indians and named the city Slaughter. It is however understandable that not too many people were comfortable with the name and eventually it was given the name we now know, Auburn which is borrowed from a poem by Oliver Goldsmith.

Now it stands as a city with a population of over 60,000 people with a lot of businesses and services and we offer the best Chiropractor Auburn WA services.

We started out to help the people of Auburn live a healthier life. We employ a number of methods to aid recovery and manage pain. Some of our methods are modern and others are traditional but they have all proved to be successful not just on our chiropractor Auburn WA patients but even in other cases around the world.

Our Chiropractor Auburn WA Techniques

Dealing with back problems can be complex and that is why we use a series of techniques to treat our patients. Our specialist has several years of experience which is why he is able to detect particular problems and then specify a particular treatment. These include:

Chiropractor Auburn WA Acupuncture Services

The ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture has been proven to be highly effective when it comes to dealing with pain and spinal problems. Our specialist has studied this procedure and performs it with expert knowledge. We know some clients may worry about the safety of the needles used in this acupuncture Auburn WA practice and we assure you that we only use single-use needles and you will be safe as we carry out the procedure. It is known for releasing endorphins which are the feel-good chemicals associated with relieving pain.

Massage Therapy Auburn WA

This is another proven technique that we employ to treat pain as well as to promote correct alignment of the spine. Our massage therapy Auburn WA has helped numerous people in Auburn with chronic back pain as well as injury-related problems.

We also have sports chiropractor Auburn WA specialists who deal particularly with sports-related problems. We have been effective in aiding quick recovery from such injuries.


The rates for availing the services of our chiropractor Auburn WA may vary according to the length of treatment needed and the particular kind of treatment. We, however, provide a competitive price range and we ensure that we give our clients the best value for money.

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