Thyroid & ChiroMany americans suffer from Thyroid problems and do not know that Chiropractic Care can help. Though Chiropractic care is not the root cure for these issues or their treatment it can support healthy thyroid management when partnered with a treatment plan from your doctor. Chiropractic care is founded on the principles of holistic care in that they focus on the function of your body as a whole by treating the core of our being, the musculoskeletal system. Holistic medicine means consideration of the complete person, physically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually, in the management and prevention of disease. It is underpinned by the concept that there is a link between our physical health and our more general ‘well-being’.

Lifestyle changes can also help enhance Thyroid health and quality of life.

Proper alignment promotes healthier function all around including spinal health and reduced back and neck pain, organ function, and even immunity. The treatment of thyroid conditions typically consists of more than just hormone replacement, most patients see best results when this is coupled with lifestyle changes. Often times this spectrum of complementary changes can be missed by a traditional health care practitioner such as a primary care doctor because they do not address nutritional and lifestyle changes necessary to see an improved quality of life for thyroid patients.

According to an in depth look at “The Role of Chiropractors in Thyroid Management” done at

Many doctors of chiropractic and other health care practitioners with similar education and qualifications have helped fill the void created by isolated thyroid replacement and TSH-only measurements.