In every profession there are those who stand out above the rest of those in there profession. In the world of professional athletes, law, business, science, music and even health care. Pearson Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center is a team of chiropractic physicians who stand out in their field as well. If you look on Google or on any of the review websites out their our patients tell us that they have had more relief from pain and improved well being with our practice than other chiropractors they have tried.

Why Choose Chiropractic?

The nature of chiropractic health care is that its diagnosis and treatment focuses on the root cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. Compared to going to a medical doctor (where they just prescribe medications) in a recent study, it was found that 56% of all patients in the study who saw a doctor received a 30% reduction in their lower back pain after 4 weeks. But conversely 94% of patients who went to a chiropractor and received treatment saw a 30% reduction in low back pain after 4 weeks.

Vertigo is an example of a condition that is much more effectively treated with chiropractic care. Rather than only dealing with the symptoms of this condition, a chiropractor will move the patient’s body into specific positions that reestablish the balance within the ear. Chiropractic treatment for vertigo is accepted to be viable, with an ongoing bit of research finding that after 3-4 adjustments, 80% of patients were side effect free!

Best Chiropractic Physicians 

If you received a recent sports injury or have been involved in a car accident, or if you just want to maintain better general health, Pearson Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center can help! Dr Jay Person is arguably the best chiropractor in this area of the United States. And he has assembled a team of chiropractors and a family chiropractic clinic that is second to none! We have the expertise and experience to provide you the very best healing care possible. You will not find a more caring or more skilled team of chiropractors any where in the state of Washington! Give us a call or stop by our office today!

Sports Chiropractic

Pearson Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center is a Sports chiropractic clinic which is a relatively new sub-specialty in the field of chiropractic health care. As chiropractic health care has become more and more mainstream, athletes are starting to utilize it more as a way to keep them on the field or court healthy. We specialize in the care of musculoskeletal injuries, primarily focusing on prevention. This branch of chiropractic expertise has proven to be an excellent benefit for athletes. Using the services of an excellent sports chiropractor is becoming more and more common amongst professional athletes.