chiropractic benefits for infants

The kids will be heading back to school soon, and you are likely starting the back-to-school shopping! Back pain is seen in more American adults, but it isn’t uncommon for younger children and teens to experience it. It is important that your child chooses a proper backpack that will not cause back pain and follow these guidelines to keep them safe and healthy.

  • Choose the correct weight. Your child’s backpack should weigh no more than 5 to 10% of body weight. If the backpack is too heavy, your child will bend forward to support the weight.
  • Don’t let it hang too low. The backpack should never hang more than 4 inches below the waist. The weight on your child’s shoulders will be increased.
  • It is important to wear both shoulder straps. Using only one strap can cause low back pain, neck pain and muscle spasms. Choose straps that are wide and padded.
  • Pack bulky items away from your child’s back.
  • Only bring with you what is necessary for that day of school. Leave unnecessary heavy books at home.
  • If your child is experiencing pain, visit a chiropractor for treatment. Your chiropractor can also check your child’s backpack to ensure that it is properly fitted and safe.
  • If you have questions about choosing a properly fitted backpack ask your Chiropractor!

    Happy Back-to-School!