Top Chiropractic Physicians

Dr Jay Pearson and his team of chiropractic doctors are some of the most highly trained and best in their field in all of Washington State. It is very important to them that you receive the very best chiropractic care that you possibly can. They love this community and care about your health and over all well being. They are not only knowledgeable and highly trained, but caring, kind and professional as well.

If you find yourself in need of a chiropractor, we are here for you. If it is because of a recent sports or auto accident injury, or for a longer term more chronic condition, we can get you back to through the recovery process so that you can resume your normal life. Give us a call or stop by today at our Auburn, WA office at 7084 Lakeland Hills Way #107 Auburn, WA 98092 (253) 329-2718!

Whole Body & Local Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a healing regimen where either a part of the body such as a limb, or the whole body is placed in something called a “cryo chamber” where the temperature in the chamber is lowered to approximately -240 degrees Fahrenheit. The treated part of the body reacts by sending blood from the surface of the skin, surrounding joint space and muscle tissue, to the bodies core. This increased blood circulation cleanses the body of toxins and supplies tissues with enzymes, nutrients and much needed oxygen. Once the patient is removed from the cryo chamber, this enriched blood returns to the body’s peripheral tissues. This cleanses the tissue of toxins. As a result, inflammation is kept in check and lactic acid is forced from the muscles, quickening recovery and rejuvenating the skin.

Massage Therapy Treatment

Because we have found so much benefit from combining chiropractic and massage therapy treatments, we have brought licensed massage therapists into our chiropractic clinics. When they work directly from our clinics they are able to tailor their treatments more directly in concert with the doctor’s diagnosis and recommendations. We have found that when done together like this under the direction of a chiropractic physician, the healing benefits of both treatments are greatly increased.

Sports Injury & Auto Accident Injury Rehabilitation

Dr Jay Pearson and his team of chiropractic physicians are some of the most highly experienced doctors in working with patients to rehabilitate their auto accident and sports related injuries. We know how an injury like that can not only can interfere with your quality of life and the things that you need to do every day, but it can be very painful. We apply the treatments target for your specific injury and condition to get you healthy and back on your feet sooner than you otherwise could.

We Service Stuck, WA

In the map below we give you directions from the neighborhood of Stuck, WA within Auburn to our Auburn office located at at 7084 Lakeland Hills Way #107 Auburn, WA 98092 (253) 329-2718. Stop by and give us a call today!