Best Chiropractor 

Dr Jay Person and his team of chiropractors have one of the very best reputations in all of Washington State. They are all highly trained and very experienced in all kinds of chiropractic treatment. Whether you recently had an automobile accident injury, a sports related injury, or are suffeonring from a more long term chronic condition, the Pearson Chiropractic team will get you on the road to recovery and feeling your best much sooner than you otherwise would be able to.

The Meredith neighborhood of Auburn, WA is serviced out of our Auburn Clinic located at 7084 Lakeland Hills Way #107 Auburn, WA 98092 (253) 329-2718. Give us a call or stop by anytime to schedule an appointment!

Quality Auto Accident & Sports Injury Treatment

One our most common reasons new patients come to our clinic is because they have recently been an automobile accident or received a sports related injury. This is because this is something that we have specialized in for a very long time and have developed a reputation for being experts at dealing with these types of injuries. The fact that we have our own in house licensed massage therapists and acupuncturists are a huge benefit to people with these types of patients as well.

Cryotherapy Treatments

Here at Pearson Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center we also specialize in both Whole body Cryotherapy as well as Local Cryotherapy. Both types of Cryotherapy are arguably the newest and most advanced recovery method available today. They are considered “state of the art” in today’s injury rehabilitation world. Cryotherapy is when a participant enters a “cryo-chamber” where the temperature is lowered to approximately -240 degrees Fahrenheit. Whole Body is where the patient goes into a chamber, whereas Local means only a certain part of the body is treated in this way.

With these treatments the part of the body treated reacts by sending blood from the skin surface, muscle tissue, and surrounding joint space to the bodies core. While the blood circulates in the bodies core the blood is cleansed of toxins and supplied with oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes. Once the participant exits the cryo chamber, the enriched blood returns to peripheral tissues cleansing that tissue of toxins. As a result, inflammation is kept in check and lactic acid is forced from the muscles, quickening recovery and rejuvenating the skin.

We Service Meredith, WA

In the below map we provide you with directions from the Auburn, WA neighborhood called Meredith to our Auburn, WA location located in Lakeland Hills. Stop by or give us a call today at 7084 Lakeland Hills Way #107 Auburn, WA 98092 (253) 329-2718!