The Pearson staff are warm, professional, and helpful. If you are looking for a chiropractor in the Federal Way area, I highly recommend them!

Sarah N.

I am a patient at the Lakeland Hills Pearson Chiropractic in Auburn. I come from generations of chiro users so I know a great Chiropractor is a must for the generational autoimmune diseases & arthritis I suffer from. The staff at Lakeland Hills are consistently wonderful, they are kind, friendly compassionate & helpful!! Dr. Graham is the BEST chiro I’ve ever been to!! He is NOT a bone cruncher!! He has used very helpful techniques & tools new to me that have been great at relieving my very high pains & aches. I’m thrilled they moved into our neighborhood!!!

Julie B.

Met with Dr. Evan today. Amazing guy. I’ve been having a football related shoulder injury for months now and right from when I first met with him I’m already seeing leaps and bounds in my strength, mobility and a reduction in my pain. Hands down the best chiropractic experience I have received. Top notch facility, top notch staff, and Dr. Evan really makes the whole experience a positive one. I highly recommend.

Ryan B.

Dr. Graham is very knowledgeable and professional. I am very hard to adjust and he had no problem adjusting me. I now have 10 adjustments scheduled. Thanks Dr. Graham.

Jon N.

In college I spent six hours a day at the piano practicing Beethoven sonatas. As a school band conductor I stood for hours. Throughout my music career I have developed poor posture habits. Dr. Pearson’s chiropractic care has helped me to improve my health so that now I can do all the activities I enjoyed in my youth. My wife and I have been going to Dr. Pearson since 2002. I’ve seen over a dozen chiropractors since 1995, but Dr. Pearson is the best.

Steve B.

I met Dr. Graham when he was practicing in Federal Way and continue to see Dr. Graham in Lakeland Hills at the new location. When I first started, his staff asked a series of questions and took extensive notes about my health and overall back and neck issues. X-rays were taken and reviewed. I explained that I’ve had chronic back pain most my life, and past experience hasn’t been very good and adjustments were difficult to achieve, at best. This has not been the case with Dr. Graham. It’s actually amazing that I can get adjusted and feel so much better than I have ever before. Besides chiropractic services, this location also offers acupuncture by Christian and massage therapy. Which I love because I can do both an adjustment followed by acupuncture and feel amazing. I highly recommend Dr. Graham and visits with any of the licensed professionals at this office for your pain relief.

Laura H.

The staff was great and made you feel more like a friend and not just a patient. Dr. Graham discussed everything thoroughly and professionally without pressuring me into more visits that weren’t needed. Sometimes chiropractors make you think you need 20 more visits, but not the case here. Definitely recommend.

Eric E.

As a retired college athlete, I have aches and pains that will most likely be with me the rest of my life based on the how the sport took a toll on my body. Now working a 9-5 desk job as an adult doesn’t help either. Dr. Gavan has been wonderful in helping me get back on track and lead a healthier, more comfortable life. Selena is more than welcoming and helpful. I truly recommend anyone interested or needing a new chiropractor to check them out!

Katelyn N.

I’ve been getting treated here for over 9 years and never had any negative experience. Pearson is absolutely amazing and his team also. Massage is also great and my body feels amazing after each visit. Thank you!

Albert T.

I was in so much neck pain. It was amazing the difference in just a few treatments. Thank you for all your help! I am a patient for life.

Marvin C.

My whole family goes to Dr. Pearson for our regular treatment. Everyone at the clinic is friendly and helpful. Dr. Pearson is easy to talk to and confident with what he is doing! Nice location as well 🙂

Amanda K.

This place is great. They offer many services and have the newest technology to get you back to your healthy life style. I see Dr. Pearson who is awesome! Highly recommend!

Luke D.

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